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With its Familiar Capital 100% national, the company has its Administration staff formed by Administrative Council, Director, Managers and Advisors.

The administrative Council is formed by six representatives of Family Holdings which detain total share of the company and are in charge to fix and guide the management of the company’s business and its subsidiaries and elect the members of the Board.

The Board of Directors is constituted by ten members elected by the Administrative Council. Its main attribution is to protect and valorize the patrimony of all shareholders, considering decisions and management models.

The Managers and Advisors, subject to respective and specific Directors are divided in Corporate Managers (Administrative, Law/Legal, Agricultural Partnership, Commercial, Supplies, Information Technology and Logistics), Industry and Agricultural, Financial and Environmental Advisors.


corporate address: Avenida Marcelo Messias Busíquia, 847 – Parque Industrial II
Maringá-PR - Phone: +55 (0x44) 3218-1900

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