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The Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy of Usina Santa Terezinha is an important tool that defines the principles and guides
the actions and commitment of behavior of the Company. The code clarifies the ethical sense of Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic 
Plan of the Company and consists of a public commitment to enforce these principles in concrete everyday and professional practices 
guided by ethics and anti-corruption policy.

Ethical values and integrity are premises of the economic model proposed by the platform for an Inclusive Economy, Green and 
Responsible, which does not enable an environment which support opportunistic privileges and accumulation of power. The vision of 
sustainability goes hand in hand with the commitment of good corporate governance practices. Based on this document we should be 
guided, individually or collectively in the pursuit of excellence in internal and external relations, ensuring the reputation of the 
company in the conduct of its business and processes against different audiences which it interacts.

If you have any doubts about the practice of ethical principles or misconduct, please do not hesitate in contact the manager, the 
company or the Ethics Committee.


This Code of Ethics applies to all members of the Company, at all levels, from Shareholders, Board of Directors, Directors, Managers 
and other employees, whatever the sector to which it is linked. Thereby, each Counselor, Director, Manager and employee of Usina Santa
Terezinha is responsible for aligning with companies that provide services, customers, consumers, suppliers, partners and the 
community, to be aware of this Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy so that the Compliance is widespread in the company and 

This Code has immediate effect to all members described in the previous paragraph.


What is Ethics?

Ethics is the set of fundamentals and moral values that guide the human behavior in society, and therefore, related to the sense of 
social justice.

Applied to the professional context, ethics is a set of positive attitudes and values applied to the workplace. Ethics in the 
workplace is of fundamental importance to the proper functioning of the company's activities and working relationships among employees.

What is Corruption?

It is abuse of power of authority, by a person, in order to obtain advantages for themselves. The most common form of corruption is 
bribery, which consists in offering, giving, receiving something of value in exchange for favorable treatment by a company, official 
authority or public employee.

The corruption is unacceptable, does not benefit the communities in which the Company operates and represents a cost that cannot be 


The Values of Usina Santa Terezinha determine and guide all the decision-making, so it is important that everyone understands them.

-  Integration: encourage the exchange of information and the use of experiences, resource optimization between areas, teams and units,
seeking integration, standardization and improvement of each of our practices and results;

-  Results: seek the continuous improvement, with control of the results for key performance indicators, promotion of high-performance
environment, recognition mechanisms of people and work teams;

-  Partners and Suppliers: recognize our partners and suppliers as integral part of the attending process, development and improvement
of our results;

-  Readiness for Change: inspire and create favorable conditions for the implementation of changes that add value to the organization;

-  Ethics and Transparency: our business, commitments and actions are based on the

Principles of Ethics and Transparency;

-  Entrepreneurship and Innovation: encourage the overcoming challenges, with generation and application of technological innovations 
that contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives and continued growth of the company;

-  Respect Life: respect life, seeking the excellence in labor safety, health and environment through the Company's management;

-  Human Diversity: respect human diversity in the relationship with people and institutions, to guarantee the principles of respect 
for differences, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for integration and development;

-  People: are the main pillar in the performance of our organization;

-  Proud to be Usina Santa Terezinha: proud to belong to a Brazilian company, to be part of its history, its achievements and its 
ability to overcome challenges.

4 - Principles of Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy

-  Respect as the basis of all relationships, implying the recognition of the existence of the other and the defense of human dignity;

-  Combating Discrimination;

-  Combating Child Labor;

-  Combating Slave Labor;

-  Enhancement of Transparency;

-  Search for constant improvement of practices using effectively and efficiently the resources available;

-  Combating corruption and impunity;

-  Respect the laws and rules of contracts.

5 - Business Conduct

5.1 Duties of all members of Usina Santa Terezinha:

- Transparency and integrity, observing the legislation and national/international regulations; - Relation with clients, suppliers, 
government, collaborators and society, based on honesty, dignity, respect and transparency, so that the information that interests 
the stakeholders is always offered at the right time and for the people who hold the right to do so, in a complete, precise and clear 

- Not practicing, in any circumstances, disloyal acts as influence peddling, bribery, corruption, industrial espionage or any other 
method, being prohibited to give to government employees or other employees with similar position, directly or indirectly, any kind 
of economic favor.

- Not publishing, disclosing or comment in social media any facts related to the company or the employees, derived from the employment
relationship, commercial, personal or professional, without prior written consent.

5.2 Information related to the clients is confidential, being forbidden the disclosure and/or its utilization outside of the company.

5.3 In respect of members of Usina Santa Terezinha with its Suppliers and Service Providers:

- Always conduct negotiations with suppliers in order to get better results for the company, without offering or receiving any 
concession related to the purchase of products or services; - It is not allowed to receive commissions, benefits or presents that can 
impact decision making. Do not fall into this case gifts, which are usually low value, such as: calendar, keychain, pen and other 
such objects, which in obedience to social etiquette may be accepted, but must be reported to superior.

- It is not permissible, yet, obtaining price privileges or otherwise, for the acquisition of goods for personal use, but also have 
employment relationship, continuous or occasional, with suppliers.

- It is forbidden to disclose and/or use of information relating to the suppliers and service providers outside the Company's 

5.4 The assets of Usina Santa Terezinha, including confidential information, is for the exclusive use of the Company, in accordance 
with its interests and by whom it competes as the internal organization. In this sense, the employees have the duty to observe the 
following parameters: - It is not allowed the use of Company assets for their own benefit, political or third parties, except with 
prior approval of the Board;

- Limit disclosure of confidential information to people with "need to know" legitimate and that serves the interests of the company;

- Protect all confidential records of clients and suppliers, whether in paper or electronic media;

- Never disclose confidential information to third parties, including family and friends; - The intellectual property of all programs,
plans, designs, processes, systems or software developed in the company and inventions belong to Santa Terezinha, even after the dismissal 
of the employee or contract termination of the service provider or supplier;

- Protect and preserve the Company´s assets, maintaining the necessary care to its maintenance and conservation;

5.5 For definition purposes, the assets of Usina Santa Terezinha considered are:

- Company Logo

- Vehicles, equipment and other movable property of its property;

- Immovable property, urban and rural;

- Utensils, appliances in general, documents, technical assets, intellectual assets, software etc;

- Information designed or developed by employees at work;

- Raw materials, general supplies and inventory of finished and semi-finished products purchased by the Company;


6.1 All employees, suppliers, clients and stakeholders can send their queries, suggestions or lodge complaints about violation of the 
code, using the mechanisms of contact described below, which will be exclusively accessed by ETHICS COMMITTEE AND ANTI-CORRUPTION 
POLICY, which will make the advice, appropriate follow-up and monitoring and can continuously assess the timeliness and relevance of 
this Code, suggesting the necessary changes.

Suggestion Box - Lobby and refectory

Contact - www.usacucar.com.br

Online Ombudsman - Web Site - www.usacucar.com.br

Email - ouvidoria@usacucar.com.br

How am I driving - Telephone - 44 3219-3636

Ombudsman Line - Telephone - 44 3219-3637

Speak to HR - Telephone - 44 3219-3646

6.2 In the event of lack of individual and collective ethics, including related to corruption, it shall be guaranteed the 
confidentiality of the complainant.


7.1 To all those who do not meet the standards described in this Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy, will be applied the 
measures and appropriate penalties, legally permitted under current legislation, without prejudice to labor, civil and criminal 
liability of any financial and patrimonial damages to Usina Santa Terezinha.


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