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Corporace Governance Policy

1. OBJECTIVE This policy gathers and consolidates the principles and practices of Corporate Governance adopted by Santa Terezinha.

Corporate Governance is a system by which the organizations are driven, monitored and stimulated in order to promote an interaction between the shareholders, Administrative Council, Board of directors and the other managing areas of the company.

Thus, in line with mechanisms grounded on transparency, equity and account for Board and corporate responsibility, the Corporate Governance stands to defend the shareholders interests valorize the company.

To enhance the performance and guarantee a business differentiation, Santa Terezinha has a proactive and balanced Corporate Governance interaction with social, environmental and economic scope and towards its relation with the market.

2. Corporate Structure

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Santa Terezinha’s core business is on sugar and energy sector. Founded on June 19th, 1961 it is focused on sugar production, renewable energy and ethanol production.

Its practices include social and environmental aspects to construction of an efficient management providing a better profitability on sugar, ethanol and energy production.

3. Administrators Missions

Santa Terezinha understands that the administrators’ goal is to protect and value the shareholders patrimony, considering their interests and social issues by the time to take decisions.

The administrators support the company, incorporating sustainability and business strategy enhancements to ensure its continuousness.

4. CONDUCT PRINCIPLES Since its origins, Santa Terezinha’s acts towards the market have been marked by principles that support an organizational culture driven to human rights respect, social and environmental responsibility, strict carrying out of regulatory and norms demands and promoting a sustainable growth through its services, processes and products.

To achieve its role and show to shareholders and to the community the transparency of its acts, the company presents its mission, vision and conduct values.

MISSION: Act safely and profitably, producing cane, sugar, ethanol, energy and correlated products to meet national and international market demands, based on social and environmental responsibility to contribute to sustainable development of the company and the community.

VISION: Keep up to the sugar, ethanol and energy market always between the top companies of the segment.

VALUES: Ten items as disclosed below:

Integration: We stimulate the exchange of information and taking advantage of experiences, optimizing the resources use between areas, teams and units, seeking improvements on each of our practices and results.

Results: we seek continuous improvement by managing results through performance indexes, promoting a high performance environment and mechanisms of people and teams recognition.

Partners and Suppliers: We recognize our partners and suppliers as integrating part of our processes, performance and improvements of our results.

Readiness to change: we inspire and create favorable conditions to implement changes which improves the values of the organization

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: We stimulate overcome challenges, creating and applying tech innovation that contribute to achieve the strategic goals and continuing development of the company.

Ethics and Transparency: our business, pledges and actions are grounded on Ethics and Transparency principles.

Life Respect: We respect life seeking to manage to company based on health care and environmental respect.

Human Diversity:
We respect human diversity throughout people relationship and institutional relations, to ensure the principles to respect the differences. Not to discriminate people and at the same time make sure they have balanced opportunities to integrations and improvement of performance.

People: they constitute the very pillar to development of our organization.

Proud to be USACUCAR: we are proud to be part of a Brazilian company, to be part of its history, its achievements and its capacity to overcome challenges.


The standards of the Corporate Governance of Santa Terezinha have the following criteria established and regulated by an Agreement between the shareholders, the Internal Statement Committee duly approved by Administrative Council:

The Main pillars are:

(I) Corporate Governance Principles;
(II) Shareholders, Rights and relations with the institution;
(III) Administrative Council: structure, independency, performance and salary politics;
(IV) Management: Structure, independency, responsibility and relationships;
(V) Audit: Internal and external;
(VI) Disclosure: quality and transparency;
(VII) Social responsibility and Ethics.

6. Summary

The current Corporate Governance politics has its content and format revised from time to time in order to adequate it to the Regulatory Institutions and the market.


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