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Governance Policies


Santa Terezinha has invested on its Administrative Structure in order to ensure an increasingly Professional management that will allow an appropriate development of principles and practices of Corporate Governance.

Our Polices

Santa Terezinha is concerned to Corporate Governance practices available on the market, counting on a pledge of continuous improvement and seasonal revision to assure aggregated value to the concerned parties.

Following to the main principles and practices of Corporate Governance through various Institutes of Governance, as of guidance and procedures linked to the new market demands, Santa Terezinha seeks a responsible and transparent management.

Corporate Governace Policy

A transparent and updated Corporate Governance policy assures the protection of shareholders and other parties interests. Santa Terezinha adopts the best governance practices based on a Contract approved by the Administrative Council and the Board. This way, it strengthens its credibility on the market and improves the decisions processes of the High Administration which, consequently, enhances its own business management.

Profit and Dividends Distribution Policy – Santa Terezinha executes a restricted policy of profit distribution, considering as priority the reinvestments of operational results and constituting reserves which are eventually distributed between the shareholders.

Sustainability Policy – Santa Terezinha, establishes a business sample based on incorporation of principles which aggregate value to the parties involved.

Committees – Santa Terezinha understands that the major aspect to implement an efficient and sustainable Corporate Governance is only effective if there is a commitment of all employees to perform the activities and procedures efficaciously. In order to do so, we implement the Committees as tools, formed by members of three levels of management (Directors, Managers and Supervisors), and at the same time they develop solutions they seek to diffuse the decisions throughout the Company.

Risk Management Policy

Santa Terezinha opted to be bound to a Risk Management that includes the criteria established by the market regulation Institutes including on its analysis, tools which assist on strategy diagrams and specific processes..

Committees – Santa Terezinha employs a seasonal Risk Management model to evaluate the efficaciousness of the targets settled identifying possible flaws on the previous plans elaborated. This monitoring is cyclical and dynamic which facilitate a proactive activeness against new risks or any other changes on it. This follow up is made through the Internal Risk Management Committee (CIGRI, Portuguese abbreviation), who specify, grade and make suggestions to counter measures making use of Risks Matrix and Risks Advisory Note (NTR, Portuguese abbreviation). The company may also appeal to external experts in specific cases which we judge necessary.

QSSMA Policy

Santa Terezinha has a business strategy grounded on a motivating leadership and well defined purposes which coexist with quality control, safety, health care, environment, creating value, esteeming people and encouraging relationships to reach a sustainable development.

Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

Santa Terezinha adopts a transparent and ethical posture in its operations and in relationships with employees, suppliers, clients and partners.

Read our Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy.

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