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QSSMA Policy

* QSSMA: Portuguese abbreviation for Quality, Labor Safety, Health and Environment (in portuguese: Qualidade, Segurança, Saúde e Meio Ambiente)


Santa Terezinha has a business strategy grounded on a motivating leadership and well defined purposes which coexist with the environment and its interaction with the society, creating value, esteeming people and encouraging relationships to reach a sustainable development.

Therefore, this policy defines the premise and directions that will lead the strategic elements related to Quality, Labor Safety, Health and Environment, grounded on a vision of a future and an innovation culture.

Also, guide the development and establishment of management practices, which allow sugar cane cultivation, sugar and ethanol production and energy generation to sustainably supply the society.

2. Company Guidelines

• Respect the Environment complying with the Law statements, developing clean technology through responsible use of natural resources.

• Provide safe work conditions based on safety labor legislation and labor medicine, healthy environment and safe conditions to workers.

• Monitoring and checking accidents risks and incidents in order to improve the system, in line with the best practices providing welfare to all.

• Ensure application of life quality criterion and sustainability on all activities and operations of the Company.

3. Responsibility and Attributions

This policy establishes that the matters of QSSMA (Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, abbreviation in Portuguese), are everyone’s responsibility within the company. The employees are also jointly responsible for the efficacious application of principles and indicators.

It is part of the managers’ attribution on each sector of the company, to supervise the development, conservation and support of capacity and abilities of the employees under his leadership.

4. General Guidelines

• Commitment of managers adopting a proactive leadership engaged with excellence when it comes to QSSMA.

• Organizational Alignment: Make sure that all levels of the company be reached and incorporate QSSMA issues on a continuing process of comprehension, composed by seasonal revisions to improve the results.

• Evaluation and Risk Management: Evaluate the risk of QSSMA according to specifications of current legislation, and follow the procedures established by Risks Management Policy of the Company.

• Concerning Products and Services: Ensure that the QSSMA relevant information of the processes and products are duly propagated.

• Supplier Management: Disseminate the requisites of sustainability to facilitate and establish a long-term relationship with Suppliers.

• Communication: construct a communication method as clear and transparent as possible to make public all information pertaining to involved parties.

• Equipments and processes: Implant and keep a system to control and maintain the equipments, installations, processes based on technical and legal assessment, legal practices and risks analysis of QSSMA

• Products Management: Follow up logistics processes and products handling (byproducts and residues) aiming to administer possible risks involved.

• Contingency and Emergency Plans: Formulate contingency plan in response to eventual emergency situations by application of an efficient and immediate Plan of Action.

• Audit on QSSMA: Inspect and certify the application of this policy and its main format seeking continuous improvement.

• Community and Transparency: Value transparency, directness and constancy on divulging the impacts of our projects.

• Training, Education and Clarification: Investments on programs that promote development of intellectual and technical abilities in order to improve Human Capital and at the same time mitigate eventual risks to which workers are exposed.

5. Pledge

Santa Terezinha establishes its own operational structures based on requisites of the Law, Norms and Regulations, assimilating theses aspects on its activities, operations and productive chain. Santa Terezinha seeks continuous improvement and high levels of efficiency on its activities and results.

6. Review

This policy is validated and approved by High Administration to contribute to continuous improvement of all practices hereby described. The seasonal ammendments and reviews are also its responsibility.


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