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Sustainability Policy


Santa Terezinha, through its Sustainability Policy establishes a business pattern based on incorporation of principles which aggregate value to all parties concerned.

The standards applications used on this business intend a construction of an organizational culture focused on opportunities creation and dissemination of key concepts which supports the Company’s strategy leading to Sustainable Development.

This fundamental strategy intends to define a position meant to reach a continuous business improvement to benefit the system on which it is integrated always observing the objectives initially assigned.


By adopting this policy, Santa Terezinha is committed to the fact that these values are spread throughout the company efficaciously, based on ethics, transparency and proactive conduct.

Such principles will be spread throughout all other policies adopted by the Company.


• Stimulate continuous improvement of Governance Practices;

• Spread Sustainability concept.

• Enhance this theme on the business counting on the commitment of the High Administration;

• Efficaciously apply the values and principles established;

• Minimize environmental impacts and promote a sustainable use of natural resources;

• Support to programs that contribute to surrounding communities improvements;

• Contribute to community welfare and eradication of forced and children labor;

• Attend to legal requirements.


A Governança para implementar de modo eficaz as estratégias e diretrizes apresentadas nesta política, possui três instâncias:

(I) Administrative Council – Strategic: Responsible to define the Standards of sustainability, deliberate the ideas exposed by Sustainability Committee and suggest new practices and check the performance on environmental, social and governance issues;

(II) Board of Directors – Strategic/Tactical: Formed by representatives of the Board. Responsible for elaboration of sustainability policies and its respective reviews as it is responsible for tactics of integration of standards on operations;

(III) Comitê de Sustentabilidade – Estratégico/Tático: Composto por diretores e gerentes das diferentes áreas da Empresa, responsável pelo monitoramento e acompanhamento dos Comitês de Riscos.

(IV) Risks Committee – Operational/Practical: Formed by Directors, Managers and Supervisors in charge of different areas of the company, responsible for executing all attributes related to each regiment.


In order to construct a consistent relationship in line with the company’s activities all sustainability standards are as described below:


• Stimulate the preservation of Biodiversity Island and ecological regions within the properties under direct management of the Company, and preservation and conservation of rivers and fountains;
• Optimize processes to ensure energetic efficiency;
• Not to use prohibited pesticides;
• Promote, apply and support sustainability policies.

Community and Third Sector

• Recognize the rights of natives, Quilombolas and traditional locals;
• Construct a relationship with Associations, Institutes and Entities to develop projects that stimulate education, culture and human relations;
• Encourage and invest on training programs, graduations, specialization and professional training;
• Contribute to neighbor community welfare.


• Support and respect the economic/ecologic mapping made by the government to agricultural productions;
• Work together with the public policies;
• Pursue strategic partnerships with government, private initiates and third sector;


• Construct longstanding relationships based on transparency and trust.
• Stimulate sustainable practices and check its commitment;
• Efficaciously spread the procedures based on sustainability.


• Establish criteria to selection of suppliers that reflects the commitment of the company

• Avoid any business or relation with those included on the Labor Ministry black list, focusing on eradication of children labor and slavery.

• Construction of longstanding relationships


• Establish a corporate environment that provides equity, diversity and human rights defense;
• Provide adequate conditions to labor and occupational safety;
• Support and respect to employees associations and representatives;
• Stimulate and invest on training programs, graduation, specialization and professional training;
• Stimulate employees to volunteer on programs to contribute to sustainable development.


• Stimulate continuous improvement of the Corporate Image of the Company;
• Spread and efficacious and continuous communication system to all parties involved.
• Create account for mechanisms


This policy is validated and approved by High Administration and there is a continuous improvement of the practices hereby described. All amendments and seasonal reviews are their responsibility.


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