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Usina de Açúcar Santa Terezinha LTDA, a limited society, was constituted earliest 60’s. The Meneguetti brothers, Albino, Felizardo, Helio, Irineu, José and Mauro joined their brother in law Alberto Seghese and the sister Terezinha Meneguetti to turn a little cachaça mill into a sugar factory at Iguatemi District were today is located the Iguatemi Unit.

During the years of 1979 and 1981, the company uses much of its resources from government Ethanol National Program – Proalcool – to expand the industry plant. This program helped the construction and implantation of many distilleries and ethanol production cooperatives throughout the country. However, the program collapsed and unstructured companies were sold or simply bankrupted. During this period, Santa Terezinha group initiate its expansion, purchasing the Industry unit of Paranacity in 1987, Tapejara industry unit in 1989 and Ivaté industry unit in 1993.

All plants were in need of reforms on each industrial complex so that they could be operative again. The factories initiated its works during 1994 – 1996.

A growing and demanding market the company were obliged to enhance its competitiveness. It built in Maringá a Logistics Terminal which initiated its operations in 2002 constituted by grain warehouses to sugar and grains, calcareous, fertilizers mixer and tanks to store liquids (inflammable and others). As part of the logistics complex, the group also built at Paranaguá, a road-railway Terminal for fertilizers which initiated its activities in 2003.

On the same year, it was initiated a project to build a new unit on the ground of Terra Rica city (northern region of the state) by the purchase of a farm “Fazenda São José”, located at that area. The cane plantations were initated on January 2004 and the first crushing started on may 2007.

Continuing the expansion process and taking advantage of a favorable moment of a growing market, in 2006, Usina Santa Terezinha purchased Cocamar’s Distillery, at São Tomé city founding a new company: Usina São Tomé S/A. In 2008 the industrial plant of Coocarol, and Rondon city were leased and also became part of Usina São Tomé Group.

In 2009 the industrial plant of Usina Usaciga, at Cidade Gaucha city, were leased assembling a total of 8 industries on group Santa Terezinha. This expansion is resulted by a professional and qualified Board formed by pioneers and successors of Meneguetti Family together with all its employees.

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